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AL Traversky Posts

Coming Dec. ’22 – Virtual Deviation 8!

The final stages of Neil’s epic adventure and life reset in a dangerous, altered world. Can he make enough progression to get himself and the girls in his party home safely?

Will he discover the truth behind the evil system, and have enough power to destroy those responsible?

Book 8 of this 9-part harem apocalypse series lands next month. Cover details on the way…

Out Now!

Virtual Deviation 7: Open World -Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy

Virtual Deviation 7: Open World -Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy by AL Traversky

Neil and his party of hot, leggy girls are so close to entering the Open world. But first, they have to level up and get across and out of a hostile city that’s under some sort of lockdown.

And he has to do it while avoiding the in-fighting and jealousy amongst the members of his growing harem.

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Coming This Month..

Virtual Deviation 7. Neil has to juggle the demands of an increasingly large Harem with the goal of getting all the hot girls home safely. If ‘Home’ even exists any more.

First though, he’ll have to try and get his whole party out of a city that’s in military lock-down. And combat mysterious monsters that for some reason, the system gives him zero information on.

Coming This Week!

Virtual Deviation 6: Gamelit LITRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy

Neil believes he’s found an underground route to fast travel off the deserted island and get home.

But his party has barely any weapons or equipment left. So escape won’t be easy.

And even if it were, he and his hot leggy girls have no idea what the evil system might have waiting for them on the mainland….

Coming Tomorrow, Friday 27th May

Virtual Deviation 5 – Mission: Mainland where Neil learns that busting his ex and the other hot girls out of the Ailos castle was the least of his problems..

Al traversky Virtual Deviation
Virtual Deviation 5 – New Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy

Coming This Friday 27th May 2022

Coming 27th May 2022

Virtual Deviation 5 – Mission Mainland. Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy.

If Neil thought the hard part was done when he and his party rescued Rachel and the other girls from the castle dungeon then he’s in for a nasty surprise...

Game Lit RPG harem fantasy for men
Virtual Deviation 5 – Mission: Mainland. Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy Out 25th May 2022

Out Now! Virtual Deviation 4

Despite the warnings of danger, Neil and his party of leggy girls set out to explore the Port & City. To search for a way off the island and start their real journey home.

But evil forces stand ready to stop him and the girls before they even start.

And all the while those watching from elsewhere are taking an ever-keener interest in Neil and his growing harem.

Virtual deviation Game litrpg
Part 4 of Virtual Deviation Gamelit LitRPG Apocalypse Harem Fantasy – Out Now!

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